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C-172 Air Plains 180 HP Model R



The mighty Cessna 172 is a true warrior! It is the safest and most forgiving aircraft ever built to date and a great companion for all your flying adventures. Converting your Cessna  to 180 horsepower is a very simple installation. Our Cessna 172R STC installation kit will let you you to take advantage of the original design of your engine by allowing your it to turn more RPM with a different induction system and propeller. This combination of airframe and engine is guaranteed to add more excitement and flexibility to your flying, and if nothing else, it will simply make you a super-hero.

Our conversion will increase your cruise airspeed, climb-rate and payload capability. Air Plains will help you achieve the performance you always dreamed you had available. All kit parts are manufactured at our facilities, where we maintain close control on fabrication and production. Parts are FAA-PMA approved in order to ensure that you will receive the best quality and most complete conversion kit.

Once you taste the extra power available and the quality of our product the only thing you will wish for is that you had done the conversion sooner. We are always committed to you, providing help during your purchase all the way to your flying.




Air Plains conversion will utilize your existing engine IO-360-L2A with our STC SA4428SW.

Powerplant Lycoming IO-360 Engine
Manufacturer Lycoming
Engine Model IO-360-L2A
Horsepower 180 HP
Maximum RPM 2700 rpm
Time Between Overhauls 2000 hrs
Fuel Consumption (2500 RPM) -
Approved Fuel 91/96 Avgas, 100LL Avgas



All propellers have been matched to provide the best combination of airframe and powerplant. Propeller blades with different pitch rage are available if your goal is to achieve an optimal cruise speed or climb rate.

Propeller McCauley 1A170 McCauley 1A170
Manufacturer McCaulley McCaulley
Model /CFA-7660 /JFA7658
Blades 2 2
Diameter 76 76



The Air Plains 180 HP offers substantially increased climb and cruise performance, along with the ability to increase your overall payload. Our conversion flight tests have proven a 15 -20 mile per hour increase in cruise speed, and a 300-400 foot per minute increase in the rate of climb.


APS 180 HP Performance
Cruise Airspeed 130 KTAS
Rate of Climb (Sea Level) 800-1000 fpm
Take-Off Distance 960 feet
Gross Weight Increase (STC SA2196CE) GWI



Installation of our Engine upgrade and GWI Kit requires only about 8 hours. Aircraft downtime is at minimum.

The Air Plains 180 Engine upgrade on the 172R will let you to take advantage of the horsepower originally designed for the engine. By allowing the engine to turn 2700 RPM, the full value of your engine is utilized. Installation of an alternate air system enables positive control of the alternate air system in the event that induction ice or the filter is blocked by ice, or other foreign material.

Kit Accessories

172R Kit Accessories

Kitting on the Air Plains 180 HP changes slightly on every model aircraft to accommodate changes in the original airframe design.

    • Engine Replacement not Required
    • New McCauley Propeller and Bolts (exchange)
    • New Heated Induction Air box Duct and Control Cable
    • Tachometer (exchange)
    • Airspeed Indicator (exchange)
    • Installation hardware and clamp kit
    • Installation instructions, drawings and Flight manual supplement