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During long cross-country flights you spend hours sitting behind your aircraft panel just staring at it... Why not stare at a panel that looks GOOD? An aircraft panel can tell a lot about its owner.

A few reasons to install a custom panel are:

  • Updating avionics often leaves cut-outs and scars on your panel
  • Often plastic panels will become very brittle with age, thus leaving your panel susceptible to cracks and broken parts
  • With the rapid change on avionics technology most panels need to be modified to accommodate the bigger and heavier units
  • Be proud! Impress your friends with an organized and clean panel on your aircraft

When it comes to panel design Air Plains takes the job to completion. We maintain the same professionalism as the installation of our engines and aircraft accessories. You can customize your aircraft panel by installing a variety of panel lighting, instrument gauges, engine monitoring systems and other accessories.
We take EVERY project to a personal level. We just don't install an aircraft panel, it is a work of art.

Air Plains will refurbish your existing panel or modify it completely to your exact specifications.

How do we do it?

  1. Customer provides a sketch or a picture example
  2. Air Plains review the customer requests and develops a CAD drawing. Depending on the complexity of the design we model the panel in 3D to check for obstructions behind the panel and to assure a perfect fit of the components.
  3. We send our design back to the customer for evaluation and approval. Having a pictorial reference helps to eliminate most misunderstandings and to assure that the customer will get back what is expected.
  4. Once the panel is approved Air Plains will review any changes in the drawings and start the manufacturing of the panel. We keep our customers updated with pictures of the progress.
  5. After checking the bare panel fit into the frame, and installing all necessary hardware for the avionics, we send the panel to paint shop and silk-screening.
  6. After all the detailing and hardware installation is completed on the aircraft, the panel is carefully installed.
  7. Cables and harnesses are neatly routed and secured in the aircraft
  8. Aircraft is cleaned and ready for delivery

Air Plains Portfolio

Cessna 182D

This 1961 182D received a brand new panel from Air Plains. Some of the avionics included were the I-Link L3 MFD, GDL 69/A Weather Uplink with XM Radio, Traffic Alert System and Sandel SN3500 EHSI. This aircraft was also equipped with a dual alternator system designed by Air Plains. Using a computer model on this project was critical and time saving. Our team was able to identify many challenges even before the panel was disassembled. The control "T-Bar" had to be shortened by less then one inch to allow clearance for the avionics stack.

Cessna 172A

BJ Brown called Air Plains after spending days looking for a aircraft shop that would modify his panel according to his desired configuration. His main goal was to relocate the transponder and radios from the lower left side of the panel to the middle of the panel (center stack ) where it could be reached by the Co-Pilot. Since this aircraft is equiped with a "T- bar" for the flight controls, the clearance between the dash and the T-Bar was critical. Our engineering team did a dynamic simulation on the T-bar to assure that there would be enough clearance between the radio stack and the top of the T-Bar before any disassemble was conducted, thus saving time and money. This panel instalation was featured in the Cessna Owner Magazine.

Cessna 182H

Since the panel frame and the hardware did not require any modifications, this brand new metal panel on the 182H was an easy project. The addition of UMA lights made this panel a real pleasure to fly at night. Paper thin UMA Light Strips were installed underneath the dashboard and bezel lights added to the instrument gauges.

Cessna 172M

N172AP received lots of detailing on its fabrication. Placards were neatly silk-screened on the panel to avoid the use of all the "ugly" stickers. Most aircraft also receive a brand new interior by Air Plains. We offer a variety of color options for the panel and the interior of your aircraft.

Cessna 172N

This 172 N was equipped with a brand new panel. All components are fabricated in-house on the MultiCAM Router. We also provide the option of adding standby cut-outs in case other gauges will beinstalled in the future.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss a new design for your panel, do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-752-8481.