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We manufacture over 12,000 parts per year




Parts Manufacturing Authorization

License Agreement

If you are a design approval holder and need to produce parts under a PMA quality system we can help you succeed. 

Customer satisfaction

Quality Control

Air Plains operates under a FAA-PMA Quality Control System. We produce parts to support our Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for legacy Cessna aircraft. We also produce rolled, brake or hydro formed sheet metal and machined parts for OEM aircraft production and their sub-contractors in high, medium and low volume lots.


Custom Fabrication

Besides producing parts under our FAA-PMA Quality Control System, we are able to help with Owner/Operator produced parts under FAR 21.303(b)2 and to meet requirements for the numerous items not found via the OEM.


  • 3 Axis (120x30 Inches) 

  • 4 Axis (40x16 Inches) 

  • Lathe (10x16 Inches) 

  • Hydroforming 

  • Assemblies-Small, Complex 

  • Metallic Stamping 

  • Brake Forming 

  • Roll Forming

  • Welding MIG, TIG 

  • Laser Engraver

  • Flat Pattern 

Aircraft part production
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