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Aircraft flying

Cessna 172R

180 HP

123 ktas

Cruise Speed

900 fpm

Climb Rate

780 ft.

Take-Off Distance

17,000 ft.

Service Ceiling

2200 hrs


2550 lbs

Gross Weight

Cessna in flight
Fly above the terrain and get there faster
Carry an additional 250 lbs. of payload and pack all your gear
Climb to new heights and find the tailwind

Be Unique

Congratulations! You own the most popular aircraft ever built. We believe that we have created the ultimate upgrade kit that gives your Cessna 172 more versatility and makes it a true 4 seater. Flying in high density altitude days and adding the capability to carry additional payload are just a few benefits that enhances your flying and adds additional safety. Give your legacy airframe the upgrade it needs to set you apart. You will enjoy a new experience.

Aircraft avionics
Fly at 20 In. Hg. and set a comfortable cruise

2570 RPM

138 MPH

Develop more power at altitude and cruise along

8.4 GPH

Rich of peak operation at 9,500 feet

20 In. Hg.

Manifold Pressure

Propeller Speed

2570 RPM

True Airspeed

138 MPH

8.4 GPH

True Airspeed


Upgrade your aircraft with our 180 Horsepower engine and experience a whole new level of performance.  With better cruise speeds and rate of climb, you'll be amazed at the difference. .




Engine Model


Propeller Model




Pitch Range





The secret sauce of this conversion is the replacement of the 1C235/LFA7570 propeller with the 1A170E/JHA7660. The new propeller allows the engine to go from 2400RPM to 2700RPM, therefore making additional horsepower.

Aircraft two blade propeller

Gross Weight

Expand your envelope. One of the best benefits of our upgrade is the ability to carry additional weight on your flights. It adds flexibility on your range planning and an additional safety margin. 

Models D thru  L

+200 Lbs

Models M thru P

+250 Lbs

Model R

+100 Lbs

Need a bigger envelope?

Aircraft instrument

Tachometer Re-Mark

We provide an option to use a new tachometer or re-mark the existing tachometer to change from 2400 RPM to 2700 RPM.

Aircraft instrument

Airspeed Indicator Re-Mark

There are some small changes to the airspeed indicator markings. We offer the option to install a new indicator or re-mark the existing one.

Aircraft instrument

Fuel Flow Gauge Re-Mark

Fuel Flow gauge can be replaced or re-marked to accommodate the change of the green arc.

Aircraft two blade propeller

New McCauley Propeller

A new propeller is the secret sauce of this upgrade. It will enable the engine to develop 2700RPM, thus producing 180 HP.


Six Ply Tires

Because of the additional gross weight increase of 100 Lbs, there is a new requirement to use 6.00 X 6.0, 6 Ply tires. 


Included Paperwork

We supply the needed hardware, installation instructions, Instructions for continued airworthiness and STC Authorization

Simple Kit

We provide an all-encompassing kit during the upgrade. We like to call it a NEW firewall forward upgrade. Our goal is to provide all the hardware needed to complete the installation with ease.

We offer several products that will enhance your aircraft and add more pleasure to your flying. During an engine upgrade we are able to install other products and accessories efficiently since we start with a clean slate. 


Lycoming electronic ignition system

Electronic Ignition

JP Instruments EDM 930

Engine Monitor

Custom aircraft interior

Aircraft Interior




Custom aircraft instrument panel



Flint Aero auxillary fuel tanks



Customer Focus

Besides customer satisfaction, one of our main goals is to provide continual airworthiness for your aircraft. We are never done adding more features to the upgrade kit. This is why we fabricate our FAA-PMA parts in-house. We are able to reduce cost significantly to save you more money and provide a product that meets our kit quality standards. We are here to provide future support in your maintenance. Visit our online store to find STC products and FAA-PMA parts.



OEM Vs. Air Plains

Cessna 172 fwd bulkhead
Cessna 172 airbox modified for Air Plains engine upgrade





AFT Spinner bulkhead for Cessna 172



Adjustable airbox bracket PMA part


With Air Plains there are a few options to get 180 horsepower into your Skyhawk. We do not sell the "STC Paperwork" only because we believe that the kit parts that we offer with the engine upgrade is the "secret sauce" to a complete, safe and successful installation. We have added several more parts over the 40 years with our continual engineering. Our goal is to make the installer's job as easy as possible. Installation instructions and blueprints safeguard the procedures and standards for installation and maintenance of your new engine... no matter where you choose to have it installed. Did you know that in the state of Kansas there is no sales tax on aircraft maintenance or modification?​​​


Option 1

Install at Air Plains

  • Purchase Complete Kit

  • Engine Provided

  • Installed at our Facilities

  • One flat fee

  • Use our Know-How

  • 2 to 3 weeks Turn Time

Option 2

Install at your FBO

  • Purchase Complete Kit

  • Installed by your mechanic

  • Complete Hardware

  • Instructions and Drawings

  • Tech Support provided

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