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Engine data monitor

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Engine Data Monitor

Monitoring the health of your engine is crucial after a big investment on your powerplant. We recommend that our customers should take advantage of an electronic engine monitor during an upgrade.

Because the engine is removed from the aircraft, we are able to reduce the installation time and carefully mount components on the engine when it is on the engine stand.

Ask about our available discount packages during your engine upgrade.


EIS reduces the scheduling headaches and downtime by providing operators with a 2,400 hour operating service time.

More consistent spark energy with higher accuracy. 2 Lbs. lighter than a Bendix magneto

Minimize wear and tear on starters and electrical systems with controlled timing at TDC below 400 RPM.

Utilizes solid-state electronics eliminating the need to disassemble the SIM and introducing maintenance related failure.

Electronic Ignition System

Electronic Ignition

Diagram of auxiallary fuel tanks in Cessna 172

+215 miles

608 miles

+285 miles

485 miles

Cessna 182

Cessna 172

Fuel icon

Find the best $ deal for you next fuel stop

clouds icon

Avoid the weather and fly over the top

Waiting room icon

Spend less time on the ground and more in the air

Aux. Fuel Tank

Increase the range of your aircraft with wing tip tanks from Flint Aero Inc. Carrying more fuel will enable you to deviate from weather, make your trip with less delays and plan a better route to find the cheap fuel.

Most customers leave our shop with extra 23 gallons of fuel on their wing because it is a no brainer.  Add another 2.5 hours of fuel to complete your mission.

GAMI Injectors

GAMI injectors are designed to deliver the specific fuel amount to each cylinder that will compensate for the fuel and air imbalance inherent in the fundamental design of the engine fuel/air system.


Turbine Smooth

On our 300HP upgrades we offer the ability to modify and reuse your existing engine mount or you can opt to install the Seaplanes West/Acorn Welding engine mount to enhance your ride experience. 

Acorn welding engine mount
Custom aircraft interior

Engine Pre-heater

Protect your valuable investment from a cold awakening. In less than a minute, a single cold start without proper preheating can produce more wear on your piston engine than 500 hours of normal cruise operation.​

New Interior

We can all agree that there’s nothing better than the fresh smell of a new interior in your aircraft.

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