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Your Vision

We build custom panels with your budget in mind. During an engine upgrade most of our customers take advantage of new avionics and an engine monitor to enhance their flying experience. We can complete the design and installation very efficiently during the engine upgrade since we start with a clean slate. 

Custom Avionics

Because not every aircraft is the same we 3D scan your aircraft
Panels are laser engraved to provide the best contrast in colors
Durable powder coat panels with different finishes for every unique design

Your Dream Panel

If you have a vision, our goal is to listen and figure out how we will get there together.

In-House Process

Design, fabrication, paint and engraving. All our process is 100% done in-house to minimize aircraft downtime.

Attention to Detail

We are able to craft just about anything to make your panel even more personable.

Aircraft Upgrades

Customers that choose to have an engine installation at our facilities take advantage of other upgrades that we offer to create their ultimate flying machine.

Here to serve you

We strive to provide great service and keep the customer informed during maintenance. We provide General Aircraft Maintenance including Annual and 100 Hour Inspections. 

Preventive Maintenance

Engine upgrades is our business and we take it seriously. Preventive maintenance helps us keep your aircraft on tip- top shape and minimize unwanted surprises.

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