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Cessna 172

180 HP

150 mph

Cruise Speed

900 fpm

Climb Rate

780 ft.

Take-Off Distance

17,000 ft.

Service Ceiling

2200 hrs


2550 lbs

Gross Weight


Cruise Speed


Climb Rate


Take-Off Roll


Service Ceiling




Gross Weight

Performance Increase




180 HP

Max. RPM

2700 RPM

Compress. Ratio


Fuel Consumption

8.5-10.3 GPH

Approved Fuel

91AKI / 100L


It is simple. We believe that 180HP and a fixed pitch propeller provides the best combination of power and reduced complexity for a Cessna 172. The proven and reliable factory new Lycoming O-360-A4M engine comes complete from Air Plains with roller tappets, Slick Magneto, EIS (Electronic Ignition System), wiring harness, spark plugs, carburetor and ring gear. The engine is paired with a light weight Sky-Tec starter and Plane-Power alternator.

Complete Kit

We provide an all-encompassing kit during the upgrade. We like to call it a NEW firewall forward upgrade. Our goal is to provide all the hardware needed to complete the installation with ease.

Models B thru P
(Standard Items)
  • New Lycoming O-360 Engine

  • New Sensenich propeller

  • All new Baffles with baffle seal attached

  • Engine isolator mounts(four) with mounting bolts 

  • FWD and AFT Spinner Bulkheads

  • Cowl oil door relocation kit

  • Alternator belt

  • New Induction Airbox

  • Carburetor adapter plate

  • Gaskets and mounting hardware

  • Scat hoses

  • Fuel & oil lines

  • Induction air filter element

  • Oil cooler mounts, Flanges/plates

  • Throttle mixture support bracket

  • Installation Hardware and Clamp Kit

  • STC Authorization, Drawings, and Installation Instructions

Models B thru H
(Additional Items)
  • Engine Mount

  • New Exhaust

  • Oil Cooler

  • Throttle Cable

  • Vacuum Hoses

Model R
(Standard Items)
  • New Propeller

  • Airspeed remark

  • Fuel Flow remark

  • Installation Hardware

  • STC Authorization

  • Drawings and Instructions






Propeller Model




Engine Model

-A4A,-A4M,-A4N,-A2F, -A3A







76 - 74.5


Pitch Range




All propellers have been matched to provide the best combination of airframe and powerplant. Propeller blades with different pitch rage are available if your goal is to achieve an optimal cruise speed or climb rate. The available fixed pitch propeller enables a light weight and low maintenance benefit.

Gross Weight

Expand your envelope. One of the best benefits of our upgrade is the ability to carry additional weight on your flights. It adds flexibility on your range planning and an additional safety margin.  This is why we developed STC SA2196CE. Your Cessna 172 will be a true 4 seat airplane with 1000 LBS useful load.

Models D thru  L

+200 Lbs

Models M thru P

+250 Lbs

Model R

+100 Lbs

Need a bigger envelope?


With Air Plains there are a few options to get 180 horsepower into your Skyhawk. We do not sell the "STC Paperwork" only because we believe that the kit parts that we offer with the engine upgrade is the "secret sauce" to a complete, safe and successful installation. We have added several more parts over the 40 years with our continual engineering. Our goal is to make the installer's job as easy as possible. Installation instructions and blueprints safeguard the procedures and standards for installation and maintenance of your new engine... no matter where you choose to have it installed. Did you know that in the state of Kansas there is no sales tax on aircraft maintenance or modification?​​​

Option 1

Install at Air Plains

  • Purchase Complete Kit

  • Engine Provided

  • Installed at our Facilities

  • One flat fee

  • Use our Know-How

  • 2 to 3 weeks Turn Time

Option 2

Install at your FBO

  • Purchase Complete Kit

  • Installed by your mechanic

  • Complete Hardware

  • Instructions and Drawings

  • Tech Support provided

We offer several products that will enhance your aircraft and add more pleasure to your flying. During an engine upgrade we are able to install other products and accessories efficiently since we start with a clean slate. 


Electronic Ignition

Engine Monitor

Aircraft Interior







Electronic Ignition

Our STC upgrade has the option to incorporate the latest technology of the EIS (Electronic Ignition System). Delivered from Lycoming with lighter weight and improved safety that has been field and flight tested. The Lycoming EIS has no moving parts and nearly eliminates scheduled maintenance requirements. 

Customer Focus

Besides customer satisfaction, one of our main goals is to provide continual airworthiness for your aircraft. We are never done adding more features to the upgrade kit. This is why we fabricate our FAA-PMA parts in-house. We are able to reduce cost significantly to save you more money and provide a product that meets our kit quality standards. We are here to provide future support in your maintenance. Visit our online store to find STC products and FAA-PMA parts.



OEM Vs. Air Plains







Fly at 20 In. Hg. and set a comfortable cruise

2540 RPM

134 MPH

Develop more power at altitude 

9.4 GPH

Rich of peak operation at 10,500 feet

21 In. Hg.

Manifold Pressure

Propeller Speed

2540 RPM

True Airspeed

134 MPH

9.4 GPH

True Airspeed

Just Go Fast

Power. Speed. Endurance. Agility. Range. All of these terms add up to a more enjoyable experience for you as a pilot. You fly because you love it... we know because we fly, too.

Fly above the terrain and get there faster
Carry an additional 250 lbs. of payload and pack all your gear
Climb to new heights and find the tailwind

Be Unique

Congratulations! You own the most popular aircraft ever built. We believe that we have created the ultimate upgrade kit that gives your Cessna 172 more versatility and makes it a true 4 seater. Flying in high density altitude days and adding the capability to carry additional payload are just a few benefits that enhances your flying and adds additional safety. Give your legacy airframe the upgrade it needs to set you apart. You will enjoy a new experience.

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