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  • ACCESSORIES | Air Plains

    1 2 3 4 5 6 1530 ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ºF ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ 900 460 ​ ​ ºF ​ ​ 200 Engine Data Monitor Monitoring the health of your engine is crucial after a big investment on your powerplant. We recommend that our customers should take advantage of an electronic engine monitor during an upgrade. Because the engine is removed from the aircraft, we are able to reduce the installation time and carefully mount components on the engine when it is on the engine stand. ​ Ask about our available discount packages during your engine upgrade. AVIONICS Reliability Performance Starts EIS reduces the scheduling headaches and downtime by providing operators with a 2,400 hour operating service time. More consistent spark energy with higher accuracy. 2 Lbs. lighter than a Bendix magneto Minimize wear and tear on starters and electrical systems with controlled timing at TDC below 400 RPM. Utilizes solid-state electronics eliminating the need to disassemble the SIM and introducing maintenance related failure. Safety Electronic Ignition +215 miles 608 miles +285 miles 485 miles Cessna 182 Cessna 172 Find the best $ deal for you next fuel stop Avoid the weather and fly over the top Spend less time on the ground and more in the air Aux. Fuel Tank Increase the range of your aircraft with wing tip tanks from Flint Aero Inc. Carrying more fuel will enable you to deviate from weather, make your trip with less delays and plan a better route to find the cheap fuel. ​ Most customers leave our shop with extra 23 gallons of fuel on their wing because it is a no brainer. Add another 2.5 hours of fuel to complete your mission. GAMI Injectors GAMI injectors are designed to deliver the specific fuel amount to each cylinder that will compensate for the fuel and air imbalance inherent in the fundamental design of the engine fuel/air system. Turbine Smooth On our 300HP upgrades we offer the ability to modify and reuse your existing engine mount or you can opt to install the Seaplanes West/Acorn Welding engine mount to enhance your ride experience. Engine Pre-heater Protect your valuable investment from a cold awakening. In less than a minute, a single cold start without proper preheating can produce more wear on your piston engine than 500 hours of normal cruise operation.​ New Interior We can all agree that there’s nothing better than the fresh smell of a new interior in your aircraft.

  • MANUFACTURING | Air Plains

    We manufacture over 12,000 parts per year Manufacturing PQ3524CE Parts Manufacturing Authorization License Agreement If you are a design approval holder and need to produce parts under a PMA quality system we can help you succeed. Quality Control Air Plains operates under a FAA-PMA Quality Control System. We produce parts to support our Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for legacy Cessna aircraft. We also produce rolled, brake or hydro formed sheet metal and machined parts for OEM aircraft production and their sub-contractors in high, medium and low volume lots. Custom Fabrication Besides producing parts under our FAA-PMA Quality Control System, we are able to help with Owner/Operator produced parts under FAR 21.303(b)2 and to meet requirements for the numerous items not found via the OEM. Capabilities 3 Axis (120x30 Inches) 4 Axis (40x16 Inches) Lathe (10x16 Inches) Hydroforming Assemblies-Small, Complex Metallic Stamping Brake Forming Roll Forming Welding MIG, TIG Laser Engraver Flat Pattern

  • Cessna R182 300HP | Air Plains

    Cessna R182 300HP 167 kts Cruise Speed 1,450fpm Climb Rate 680 ft. Take-Off Distance 24,000 ft. Service Ceiling 2200 hrs TBO 17% Cruise Speed 68% Climb Rate -33% Take-Off Roll 27% Service Ceiling 26% TBO Performance Increase Powerplant Are you ready for fuel injection? In this STC we offer a factory new IO-540-K1G5 engine capable of producing 300HP . This upgrade also solves the issue of the single housed magneto that is on your old engine. Powerplant IO-540-K1G5 Horsepower 300 HP Max. RPM 2700 RPM TBO 2200 HRS Fuel Consumption 75% Power 15-17 GPH Factory new Lycoming Engine McCauley three blade propeller Polished spinner assembly New Engine isolator mounts with bolts Manifold pressure/fuel flow gauge Throttle mixture cable assemblies All new fuel, oil lines and scat-hoses Baffle mod components New prop governor Placards Hardware, switches and clamp kit STC Authorization, Drawings, and Installation Instructions New Oil Cooler New Starter New Alternator Modification of existing exhaust system Modification of existing engine mount Battery relocated to tail-cone Complete Kit We provide an all-encompassing kit during the upgrade. We like to call it a NEW firewall forward upgrade. Our goal is to provide all the hardware needed to complete the installation with ease. Propeller All propellers have been matched to provide the best combination of airframe and powerplant thru flight test and vibration analysis. We offer several propeller STCs to make each aircraft unique. Diameter: 77.5 -79 Engine: IO-540 Model: McCauley B3D36C431 /80VSA-1 PROPELLER STCs Customer Focus Besides customer satisfaction, one of our main goals is to provide continual airworthiness for your aircraft. We are never done adding more features to the upgrade kit. This is why we fabricate our FAA-PMA parts in-house. We are able to reduce cost significantly to save you more money and provide a product that meets our kit quality standards. We are here to provide future support in your maintenance. Visit our online store to find STC products and FAA-PMA parts. BUY PARTS $314 $940 OEM Vs. Air Plains $1,295 $11,935 $976 $324 $372 $264 Fuel Injection Anytime an engine generates more than 260 HP we believe that fuel injection provides the needed even fuel distribution on each cylinder to make your flying worry free. You will achieve more predictable CHTs and EGTs and enjoy a smoother ride with reduced vibration. This minimizes premature component failure. Did we mention 0% carburetor ice issues? Dual Magneto Our STC upgrade addresses one of the most critical design challenges of your current engine - The single housed magneto . Some of the issues are cams loosening, impulse couplings failing and magneto movement. All these failure modes result in either a drastic reduction of power or complete failure of the engine. Installation With Air Plains there are a few options to get 180 horsepower into your Skyhawk. We do not sell the "STC Paperwork" only because we believe that the kit parts that we offer with the engine upgrade is the "secret sauce" to a complete, safe and successful installation. We have added several more parts over the 40 years with our continual engineering. Our goal is to make the installer's job as easy as possible. Installation instructions and blueprints safeguard the procedures and standards for installation and maintenance of your new engine... no matter where you choose to have it installed. Did you know that in the state of Kansas there is no sales tax on aircraft maintenance or modification? ​​​ SUPPORT Option 1 Install at Air Plains Purchase Complete Kit Engine Provided Installed at our Facilities One flat fee Use our Know-How 2 to 3 weeks Turn Time Option 2 Install at your FBO Purchase Complete Kit Installed by your mechanic Complete Hardware Instructions and Drawings Tech Support provided NOT READY FOR 300HP? Try our 260 HP upgrade instead on the R182 We offer several products that will enhance your aircraft and add more pleasure to your flying. During an engine upgrade we are able to install other products and accessories efficiently since we start with a clean slate. Accessories Electronic Ignition Engine Monitor Aircraft Interior Engine Pre-Heater Avionics Upgrades Auxiliary Tanks

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  • Air Plains Services Announces Transport Canada Approval for its Unique Cessna 172R Model 180hp Upgrade STC

    WELLINGTON, KS (Feb. 1, 2024) – Air Plains Services, a world leader in General Aviation engine and avionics upgrades, announced today it has gained approval from Transport Canada for its FAA-approved Supplemental Type Certificate that upgrades Cessna 172R model aircraft to 180hp without a complete engine change. The Air Plains STC kit for R model Skyhawks includes a new propeller that allows the standard derated Lycoming IO-360-L2A to operate at 2,700 rpm instead of the normal 2,400 rpm, thus generating 180hp. In addition to increased performance for the airplane, the upgrade offers a 100-pound increase in payload. “Confirming approval for this STC from Transport Canada is the type of service we’re happy to perform to give our customers the confidence they want in buying from Air Plains,” said Katie Church, Air Plains president. According to Transport Canada, a number of international STCs such as this one can be approved for use in Canada based solely on the home nation’s certification. With FAA approval already in hand for the Air Plains STC, it qualified for Canadian approval without a separate approval process. “Our unique STC kit, shipped almost anywhere in the world, is a great option for 172R model owners to get more performance from their airplane with just a new propeller and a small upgrade kit,” Church said. “The payload increase makes it a true four-place aircraft which can be a game-changer in a training environment or allows it simply to carry more luggage on a family vacation.” For more information about any of Air Plains products or services, call 1-800-752-8481 or +1-620-326-8904, or visit For online shopping, visit the Air Plains web store at

  • Cessna 172 PMA Airbox

    Cessna 172 Airbox, FAA PMA Approved Replacement Part Number: 0552113-11 Model Eligibility: Cessna 172I, 172K equipped with the Lycoming O-320-E2D engine. Cessna 172 Airbox Description: As the leader in firewall forward STC products for Cessna™ single aircraft Air Plains is all too familiar with customers "airbox woes".  Until now customers had to choose between temporary repairing their airbox or purchasing a new airbox from Cessna™.  The problem is that both options can be very expensive, and the final product is still an airbox susceptible to several common issues.​ Air Plains now offers customers a third option; our FAA-PMA approved APS0552113-11/APS0552113-13 airbox provides MORE DURABILIY and MORE VALUE over previous options for 172 owners.  Furthermore, for fleet operators, our airboxes are more universal.  Both the APS0552113-11 and APS0552113-13 airboxes are identical and approved on all 172I, K, L, M, F172L, and F172M applications, this means you don’t need to keep two on hand.​ When we developed our PMA airbox we looked at the common issues with the factory airbox and identified several areas for improvement:​ Our airbox features structural adhesive reinforcement in the highest stress areas, this distributes the stress between the skins and prevents the common cracking and collar separation issues seen all too often.​ The collar flange on the body is made of a stronger alloy which has been heat treated.  This strengths the collar joint significantly when combined with the adhesive reinforcement. ​ The shaft is made from corrosion resistant steel and the troublesome needle bearing is replaced by a more robust oil-impregnated bronze bushing which eliminates the risk of needle ingestion by the engine.  ​ The steel bracket has been revised to prevent cracking of the co-pilot side skin below it.  ​ The crimped heat duct, known to loosen, has been replaced by a more robust welded assembly which is riveted and bonded to the side skin.​ The original two fuel drain holes have been replaced with four corner drains.  This allows fuel drainage from any attitude on the ground, preventing airbox fires when over-primed.​ Your air filter is held on with screws so there is no need for the troublesome quarter turn fasteners.  Our airbox has integrated nutplates to mount a Backett™ BA5110 filter using its hardware and can mount any other filter with the screws included with the airbox.​ This airbox also features Air Plains improved carburetor heat arm which is manufactured from hardened steel and has a larger bearing area for the clamp; this significantly reduces the wear from the cable clamp.  ​ Our PMA airboxes are designed with weight in mind because we understand that a heavy airbox is a highly stressed airbox.  Rather than using heavy materials such as stainless steel to replace lightweight aluminum components we have made intelligent design decisions such as better distributing loads and reinforcing riveted joints with the addition of adhesive.  This improves the strength of the airbox without adding weight.  The added benefit is that your aircraft does not get heavier!  ​ The result of these improvements is an airbox superior to the factory original which will provide many more years of trouble-free service. Hardware Included: 1X – 649974 – Airbox Carburetor Gasket​ 4X – 1728902-19 - Air Filter Screws For Non-Brackett™ Filters​ 1X - APS0750111-19-1 – Carburetor Heat Cable Clamp Bolt​ 2X – AN916-10L – Carburetor Heat Cable Clamp Washers​ 1X – MS21083N3 – Carburetor Heat Cable Clamp Locknut Installation Instructions and Tips: Download Airbox ICA here Recommended Purchases with this product: 649974 Gasket DP0552130-11 Carurtor Heat Box Induction Seal BA5510 Brackett Air Filter For more information, visit us at Call: 800-752-8481 or (outside the U.S.) +1-620-326-8904 Email:

  • Air Plains Services Introduces New PMA Long Airbox for Stock Cessna 172s

    WELLINGTON, KS (Dec 4, 2023) – Air Plains Services, a world leader in General Aviation engine and avionics upgrades, announced today it has gained FAA approval for a new-manufacture Cessna 172 long airbox designed for a variety of stock OEM engines, adding to the range of PMA airboxes it produces for the 180hp 172XP engine upgrade and for various Cessna 180, 182 and 188 aircraft models. “We’ve been including a new airbox with our 172-180HP engine upgrade package for about 10 years, so it seemed a natural move to develop a similar, improved design for a wider range of 172s that don’t have our upgrade,” said Katie Church, Air Plains president. “Like the other PMA airboxes we produce, we’ve used our years of experience repairing damaged factory airboxes to identify common issues and develope a number of improvements for a stronger unit, at a significantly lower price than the OEM unit.” Improvements for the new 172 PMA long airboxes produced by Air Plains are similar to those developed for the company’s other PMA airboxes and include the addition of structural adhesive reinforcements in areas of high stress, a hardened control arms with a thicker cross-section, and added nut plates to the front of the airbox to accommodate a Brackett air filter, if installed. One of many improvements also includes an additional two fuel drain holes. This allows fuel drainage from any attitude on the ground, preventing airbox fires when over-primed. The airbox also features structural adhesive reinforcement in the highest stress areas, this distributes the stress between the skins and prevents the common cracking and collar separation issues seen all too often. The PMA airboxes were also designed with weight in mind beccause we understand that a heavy airbox is a highly stressed airbox. Rather than using heavy materials such as stainless steel to replace lightweight aluminum components we have made intelligent design decisions such as better distributing loads and reinforcing rivited joints with the addition of adhesive. The result of these improvements is an airbox superior to the factory original which will provide many more years of trouble-free service. The new Air Plains airboxes are PMA replacements for part numbers 0552113-11, 0552113-13 and 0552164-4 on stock engines for Cessna 172I, K, L, M, N and P models and for Reims, France produced 172I, M, N and P models. Air Plains has produced PMA airboxes for its 180hp engine upgrade kit (STC SA4428SW) for 10 years. In early 2020, Air Plains gained PMA to produce replacement airboxes for Cessna 180, 182 and 188 models (part numbers 0750144-1 and 0750144-33). The company also produces PMA airbox replacement accessories such as collars, gaskets and adjustable attachment brackets. Air Plains manufactures and inspects all its parts, including all its airboxes, onsite at the company’s machine shop prior to placing into inventory. For more information about the new PMA airbox (including model eligibility) or any of Air Plains other products or services, call 1-800-752-8481 or +1-620-326-8904, or visit For online shopping, visit the Air Plains web store at

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