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Engine Priming System

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

3 Point Primer Kit optional for installation with Air Plains 180HP engine upgrade, STC SA4428SW.

If your geographical location is primarily cold weather adding two priming nozzles will ease the starting procedure. Adding two priming nozzles has proven a smoother start.

Air Plains collaborated with Lycoming to provide a custom primer line kit for Air Plains new and existing customers. If you have an Air Plains 172-180hp that was done prior to 2021 it is very likely the original primer system was reinstalled with the new engine. While the previous process works just fine, Air Plains has added an option to the upgrade kit to now offer a three point primer kit.

If you have an existing Air Plains 172-180hp installation you very likely have the single priming system that is original to the aircraft. The standard installation reuses the existing primer lines and reinstalls on the new engine. Increase the chances of starting your engine during the first revolution with the three point primer system installed.

Part Number: 172-180-3P Primer

Installation manual available for download

172036 - 3 Point Primer
Download PDF • 765KB

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