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Reasons to consider installing a new voltage regulator at engine R&R

Updated: May 2

While changing the voltage regulator is not a requirement with an engine upgrade, it is definitely a good time to consider it if the original voltage regulator is still present.

1. Generator to alternator. On earlier 'generator' equipped models it needs to be replaced to work with the alternator.

2. Visual condition and corrosion. Regulators can develop corroded terminals and otherwise look really bad. Corrosion can cause bad connections which can reduce performance and even introduce noise into the system that can be heard on the intercom. The visual condition of the regulator could so be a factor for a complete restoration of an aircraft.

3. Performance and reliability. The Plane Power voltage regulator that Air Plains prefers is solid state, meaning it has no wearing parts like the contacts on older style regulators. It also features over-voltage, field short, and reverse-polarity protection built in.

4. Preventative maintenance. When the regulator and engine wiring is replaced along with the new alternator the entire charging system is now new.


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