Instrument Panels


When it comes to panel design Air Plains takes the job from concept to completion. Customize your aircraft panel by installing the latest technology of panel lighting, instrument gauges, engine monitoring systems and other accessories. Each project is taken to a personal level based on the needs of the pilot. We do not just install an instrument panel, but rather a functional work of art that is unique to its owner.

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Learn more about Air Plains custom panel process.

Here's how we do it: 

1. Customer provides a sketch or picture example.

2. Air Plains reviews the requests and develops a CAD drawing. Depending on complexity of the design, a model of the panel in 3D can be made to check for obstructions behind the panel.

3. The design is sent to the customer for evaluation and approval. Having a pictoral reference helps eliminate misunderstandings, and provides assurance that the customer receives what is expected.

4. Once the panel is approved, Air Plains reviews any updates or changes to the drawings, and then the manufacturing of the panel begins.

5. After checking the bare panel's fitting in the frame, and installing necessary hardware for avionics, the panel is painted and silk-screened.

6. After detailing and hardware installation is completed on the aircraft, the panel is carefully installed.

7. Cables and harnesses are neatly routed and secured in the aircraft.

8. Aircraft is cleaned and ready for delivery.


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