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Air Plains Services now offers drop-in EIS for Lycoming 180 hp pistons

WELLINGTON, KS (July 29, 2020) – Air Plains Services, a world leader in general aviation engine and avionics upgrades, announced today it is offering the newly certified Lycoming Electronic Ignition System for its Lycoming 180 hp engines. The Lycoming EIS is a drop-in replacement for one mag, requires no maintenance through TBO and provides precise starts every time.

“The new Lycoming EIS is designed and tested to provide trouble-free operation and installation is not an issue,” said Katie Church, head of Air Plains marketing. “We’re offering it now as a stand-alone replacement of one mag and we’ll be adding it to our future XP kits as a no-cost option which we believe will be the most popular way to go.”

The Lycoming EIS, developed with SureFly, has no mechanical parts that wear and features all solid-state electronics providing operators a 2,400-hour operating service time with no inspections, no rebuilds, no overhauls. It promises a more consistent spark with higher accuracy than traditional magnetos and results in a more efficient operation, using less fuel.

Air Plains has delivered more than 2,500 172XP upgrades based on the Lycoming 180 hp engine and currently offers two STCs designed to meet almost any requirement.

For more information on the Lycoming EIS, call Air Plains at 800-752-8481 or (outside the U.S.) +1-620-326-8904.

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