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Cessna 172 PMA Airbox

Updated: Feb 1

Cessna 172 Airbox, FAA PMA Approved

Replacement Part Number: 0552113-11

Model Eligibility: Cessna 172I, 172K equipped with the Lycoming O-320-E2D engine.

Cessna 172 Airbox Description: 

As the leader in firewall forward STC products for Cessna™ single aircraft Air Plains is all too familiar with customers "airbox woes".  Until now customers had to choose between temporary repairing their airbox or purchasing a new airbox from Cessna™.  The problem is that both options can be very expensive, and the final product is still an airbox susceptible to several common issues.​

Air Plains now offers customers a third option; our FAA-PMA approved APS0552113-11/APS0552113-13 airbox provides MORE DURABILIY and MORE VALUE over previous options for 172 owners.  Furthermore, for fleet operators, our airboxes are more universal.  Both the APS0552113-11 and APS0552113-13 airboxes are identical and approved on all 172I, K, L, M, F172L, and F172M applications, this means you don’t need to keep two on hand.​

When we developed our PMA airbox we looked at the common issues with the factory airbox and identified several areas for improvement:​

  • Our airbox features structural adhesive reinforcement in the highest stress areas, this distributes the stress between the skins and prevents the common cracking and collar separation issues seen all too often.​

  • The collar flange on the body is made of a stronger alloy which has been heat treated.  This strengths the collar joint significantly when combined with the adhesive reinforcement. ​

  • The shaft is made from corrosion resistant steel and the troublesome needle bearing is replaced by a more robust oil-impregnated bronze bushing which eliminates the risk of needle ingestion by the engine.  ​

  • The steel bracket has been revised to prevent cracking of the co-pilot side skin below it.  ​

  • The crimped heat duct, known to loosen, has been replaced by a more robust welded assembly which is riveted and bonded to the side skin.​

  • The original two fuel drain holes have been replaced with four corner drains.  This allows fuel drainage from any attitude on the ground, preventing airbox fires when over-primed.​

  • Your air filter is held on with screws so there is no need for the troublesome quarter turn fasteners.  Our airbox has integrated nutplates to mount a Backett™ BA5110 filter using its hardware and can mount any other filter with the screws included with the airbox.​

  • This airbox also features Air Plains improved carburetor heat arm which is manufactured from hardened steel and has a larger bearing area for the clamp; this significantly reduces the wear from the cable clamp.  ​

Our PMA airboxes are designed with weight in mind because we understand that a heavy airbox is a highly stressed airbox.  Rather than using heavy materials such as stainless steel to replace lightweight aluminum components we have made intelligent design decisions such as better distributing loads and reinforcing riveted joints with the addition of adhesive.  This improves the strength of the airbox without adding weight.  The added benefit is that your aircraft does not get heavier!  ​

The result of these improvements is an airbox superior to the factory original which will provide many more years of trouble-free service.

Hardware Included: 

  • 1X – 649974 – Airbox Carburetor Gasket​

  • 4X – 1728902-19 - Air Filter Screws For Non-Brackett™ Filters​

  • 1X - APS0750111-19-1 – Carburetor Heat Cable Clamp Bolt​

  • 2X – AN916-10L – Carburetor Heat Cable Clamp Washers​

  • 1X – MS21083N3 – Carburetor Heat Cable Clamp Locknut

Installation Instructions and Tips: 

Recommended Purchases with this product:

  • 649974 Gasket 

  • DP0552130-11 Carurtor Heat Box Induction Seal 

  • BA5510 Brackett Air Filter 


For more information, visit us at

Call: 800-752-8481 or (outside the U.S.) +1-620-326-8904

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