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Air Plains 172-180HP Engine Baffle Set

Updated: May 13

Air Plains provides a new set of powder coated baffles with seals attached. The Cessna 172 baffle kit comes complete with installation hardware. This is available for Cessna 172 aircraft equipped with Air Plains 180HP engine upgrade, STC SA4428SW.

If you have an Air Plains 172-180HP that was upgraded prior to 2015 your baffles were most likely to have been modified per the STC, repaired and reused on the new O-360 engine installation.

If you are looking to relocate the oil cooler from the firewall to the rear baffle: this new set incorporates that benefit. The new installation also does not require 'baffle springs'.

Also included in the kit adjustable airbox bracket, part number APS0552120-2.

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