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Engine Break-In, After your Engine Installation

Updated: Feb 6

We are often asked what is the recommended engine break-in procedure following the installation of a new engine. Whether it is a Lycoming O-360 or Continental IO-550 the first 25-50 hours are very important.

During break-in procedure maintain 65% to 75% power. It is important to keep your engine developing power during the first three hours of operation. Adjust CHT temperatures with a richer mixture and cowl flaps, if available. Keep CHT temperatures between 300F and 380F when possible. Avoid long periods at idle and adjust descent profiles to maintain higher power settings when possible.

Follow information and detailed instructions highlighted in the referenced document available for download here.

After Your Upgrade Brochure
Download PDF • 212KB

Run at high cruise power levels for best piston ring-cylinder wall mating. The use of low power settings does not expand the piston rings enough and will leave a film of oil on the cylinder walls. Continue break-in operations for 50 hours or until oil consumption stabilizes.

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