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180/182 Induction Installation

This installation instruction was written with the intent to help the installer position the throttle body assembly in its correct configuration. Following the instructions carefully will facilitate the rigging of the controls and assure that the throttle body is in the correct position.

1. Installation Tools The two tools shown below are used to place the throttle body into the correct position.

The wood spacer tool 182TB01-TOOL is used to position the throttle body with the proper distance from the oil sump. Tool 182TB02-TOOL aids the installation of the engine controls and positioning of the induction air box.

2. Oil Sump Spacer Place the wood spacer (182TB01-TOOL) between the oil sump and the throttle body. Loosen the clamps on both ends of the intake elbows to place the throttle body into the correct position. Twist the elbows to break the bond between the elbow and the intake hose. This will allow the throttle body to float into position.

3. Position Place part number 182TB02-TOOL over the engine studs as shown in the picture. Removal of the nuts is not necessary.

With the spacer 182TB01-TOOL in place between the oil sump and the throttle body and 182TB02-TOOL in position fasten the intake clamps as needed.

4. Support Straps Once the induction air box has been installed and the support straps bolted to the oil sump recheck the throttle body location and adjust as needed.

5. Mixture and Throttle Control Cables

With the throttle body in the correct position the engine controls will clear the intake tube approximately ¼ inch during the rigging process.

Prior to securing the engine on the firewall it is strongly recommended that installer completes the throttle and mixture cable rigging. Installer should support the engine with an engine hoist and route the control cables according to the installation instructions making sure that there is an adequate clearance between components.

The picture above shows the mixture and throttle in idle cutoff position. If the controls cables contact the throttle body at any position it will result in increased wear of components.

6. Balance Tube

Remove the clamp on the balance tube and secure with cable ties. Clearance between the balance tube and the intake duct is minimal. If the balance tube interferes with the cowl move the tube up, towards the oil sump. Light taps with a rubber mallet is the best way to move the balance tube into the desired position.


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