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Battery Tray Kit, Cessna 172

Cessna 172 Battery Tray Kit for manifold style battery with Air Plains 180HP engine upgrade, STC SA4428SW.

The original battery box may be replaced with a manifold battery as approved under type certificate or PMA for serial numbers 17272885 thru 17274009. This installation is recommended for new and previous installed 180HP engine upgrades.

Air Plains new battery tray design is lighter than the original Cessna design and has less corrosion potential. The simplicity of the tray makes it easy to access the battery for maintenance or charging. Also there is more clearance to access the LH magneto.

Complete kit includes new tray, bolts, new venting tube, and installation instructions. Manifold style battery is required and sold separately.

Part Number: 1728509-KIT

Applicable serial number range: 17269310 thru 17272884, 24V.


For more information, visit us at

Call: 800-752-8481 or (outside the U.S.) +1-620-326-8904

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