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Updated: Jan 31

Air Plains 180HP upgrade for the 172R takes full advantage of the horsepower originally designed into the Lycoming IO-360-L2A engine.

The new propeller allows the engine to turn 2700 RPM, the full value of your engine is utilized. This simple upgrade pairs nicely when aircraft is down for engine overhaul. Or, can also easily incorporate 172R models into a fleet of 172S models. This upgrade is approved for Cessna 172R aircraft 1996-2004 without the G1000.

Air Plains offers two options for the upgrade and if you're considering the upgrade it is worth considering both great options.


There are two great options to consider.

STC SA4428SW was approved in 1998 originally offered and still offered today by Air Plains Services.

STC SA10406SC was approved in 2005 and offered by Alamo Aerospace. Air Plains Services acquired STC SA10406SC in 2018 and now offers it as an optional installation.

The Comparison

STC SA4428SW includes the installation of an optional alternate air system enables positive control of the alternate air system in the event that induction ice or the filter is blocked by ice, or other foreign material. The STC kit includes the airbox assembly, duct, clamps and cable. This option also requires the remarking of the existing airspeed indicator and tachometer per STC SA4428SW. This installation uses McCauley propeller 1A170E/JFA7658. This option is EASA validated.

STC SA10406SC does not require the installation of the alternate airbox. This installation does require remarking of the existing airspeed indicator, tachometer, and fuel flow/EGT indicator per STC SA10406SC. McCauley propeller 1A170E/JHA7660 is used. Most commonly this is carried out with flight schools or other operation to provide similarity among the fleet. This option is accepted by Transport Canada for installation on Canadian-registered aeronatuical products.

Both options allow for 100 lbs gross weight increase.

The Air Plains 180 HP offers increased climb and cruise performance, along with the ability to increase your overall payload. Our upgrade flight tests have proven a 300-400 foot per minute increase in the rate of climb!


For more information, visit us at

Call: 800-752-8481 or (outside the U.S.) +1-620-326-8904


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