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Air Plains Services Informed of Continental Engine Price Increase

WELLINGTON, KS (November 24, 2021) – Air Plains Services, a world leader in general aviation engine and avionics upgrades, has been notified by Continental Aerospace Technologies of a price increase on IO-520 and IO-550 300hp engines, effective December 15. “We can still get orders in at the current price through December 14 so anyone considering an upgrade next year should call us now so we can start the process and lock in the price,” said Katie Church, head of customer experience at Air Plains. This is the second engine price increase from Continental this year. The two engines sold by Air Plains are 300 horsepower replacements for Cessna 180 and 182 single-engine piston aircraft. While Air Plains does installations at its Wellington facility, most are shipped to customers around the world as complete kits with a propeller and all the parts – sourced directly by Air Plains – needed for a smooth installation by the customer’s mechanic. “We’re going to have some flexibility in the shipping date, so the install doesn’t need to be planned right away,” Church said. “Unfortunately, there is no flexibility in the price increase.”


For more information about Continental engine upgrade options or about any of Air Plains products or services, call 1-800-752-8481 or +1-620-326-8904. You can also see more information and technical details for the engines at

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