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A Kick-Back, Broken Starter Drive

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

If you are considering a very light composite propeller please read on. Because a light weight propeller lacks inertia (which creates a fly-wheel effect during start) we often suggest to our customers that they should always pay attention to the condition of their battery. A few factors are listed.

#1 Your Battery

Always check the condition of your battery before starting. Using a battery tender to keep it in tip-top shape is a great investment. We recommend purchasing a battery that can deliver the most amperage possible during start.

#2 Battery Cables

If the existing battery cables are original, it is likely that they are corroded (oxidized) and some of the crimped ends could be very loose. Bogert Aviation's cable kit is a great option to incorporate a new, sealed and isolated from the engine and environmental exposures. We recommend replacement at the time of the propeller swap.

#3 Starter Adapter

We believe the classic style starter adapter is the best combination for either the Continental IO-520 or IO-550 with the composite propeller. We recommend removing the new style adapter and replacing with the classic at the time of the propeller swap. Link to helpful hints for a successful classic style starter adapter installation.

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